Nr 1 Restaurant - Funchal

Different environments and zones are adapted to the most various events, since a simple romantic dinner to a medieval or marroquine night.

There are no limits to imagination or the way that this space is interpreted, in an envolving experience in every way possible.


It is not just about the quality of the food or the service, or even the innovation that it has brought to the world of restaurants that makes this restaurant a different space. It is the interpretation made from this space, the fortress of Saint Tiago was built in the XVII century. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Funchal.


The Forte Restaurant is a restaurant with regional, national and even international gastronomy, since its essence is based in placing innovation and creativity in eveything that it builds.


The Fortress of Saint Tiago offers the opportunity to go back in time with the organization of themed parties, weddings, anniversaries, and many others.